Tailored to the client

We work with each client to design a simulator dedicated to their needs and conduct research to best understand the specificity of their sector.

Dynamic training scenarios

Our simulations include emergency situations and changing conditions, the hardest scenarios to recreate in traditional training sessions.

Realistic simulation

We utilize our experience in developing realistic video games to design lifelike environments and an immersive experience for the trainees.

Cost efficient solutions

Our simulators are a low-cost way to gain access to constant training for your employees without disrupting the workflow of your company.

Innovative technology

We offer simulators based on cutting-edge VR technology that will move professional training in your company ahead of time.

About Simpro

Simpro creates serious games – professional training simulations in Virtual Reality. We are primarily focused on operators of critical infrastructure, a sector where personnel training is crucial, yet often difficult to organize and costly. We offer solutions dedicated to the client’s needs, with the possibility to include various training scenarios, including emergency situations. Our simulators allow for low-cost, constant practice of key skills of employees.

About Serious Games

Serious games are software created with a purpose other than entertainment, but which in essence are video games. They are simulations designed to fulfill educational or training goals in various industries, including infrastructure and emergency services.

Simpro is a spin-off of Nano Games, a studio with 8+ year experience in creating video games. We now apply our skills and technology to professional training simulators.

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